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Thank you from the Earth Day Committee

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for helping throw one of the best Earth Day Events ever!

Easily it was the event with the greatest attendance in our 29 year history. I estimated 2000 during the course of the day. With a hand count of 660 people at 1245 pm. There were approximately 100 people who used the SCRD musical shuttle bus and the bike repair team fixed 36 bikes! We had over 55 organizations participate and at least 100 volunteers.

Everyone had a great time and there were so many smiles. Not to mention the sun. Such a great day.

I appreciate the time you took from your busy lives to participate in planning and to be there on the day.

It takes every amazing individual, like you are, to make our community the vibrant and excellent place it is to live. This year, I was again reminded, of what we can accomplish as humans when in the service of love. Love for this planet, each other and ourselves, that's what it takes.

Let everyday be Earth Day,




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