The Roberts Creek Community Association (RCCA) is a not-for-profit organization.  We strive to support the Roberts Creek Community in a diverse range of ways.


The RCCA is opperated by its member-elected volunteer Board of Directorswho represent a broad range of ages, skills and abilities, all of whom are committed to similar values and a similar vision for Roberts Creek and life here.

We encourage all residents and property owners of Roberts Creek to join our membership; helping to ensure longterm viability and sustainablility of our organization, its assets and events.


Roberts Creek Community Hall & Roberts Creek Reading Room (Library).

  • We own and operate two well known community assets - the Roberts Creek Community Hall and Roberts Creek Reading Room (Library).

  • We lead and support the community in staging cultural and social events.

  • We study issues affecting Roberts Creek, speak and act in the interest of Roberts Creek citizens and environment.

Current Board of Directors


President: Sarah Bradley

Vice President: Karen Spicer

Treasurer: Kathleen Hudson
Directors: Cory Cassidy, Scott Avery, Sharon Tron, Tara Somerville,

Marina McBride, Aleisha Friesen, Robert Smardon

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