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IGA RELOADABLE CARDS • 4% goes to the RCCA • Help raise money for our "Raise the Roof" campaign!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Get and USE an IGA CARD available at the RCCA and Eco-Freako store at the heart of Roberts Creek.  Help raise money for our GoFundMe "Raise the Roof" campaign!

IGA Re-Loadable Cards

  1. Load your card at any check-out counter at all 40+ BC MarketPlace IGA stores, before buying your groceries.

  2. Use any means of payment including your credit card to collect points or miles.

  3. Use the card to pay for your purchase.

  4. You can re-load between $10 and $500 each time.

  5. You can re-load the same card multiple times. 

  6. For more cards, contact

  7. You just need to remember to use the card! 

IGA donates 4% of your purchases to the Roberts Creek Community Assoc.



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