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Thank you for making our 52nd annual Christmas Craft fair a success!!

The RCCA Fifty-Second Annual Christmas Craft Fair was a great success, with over 2000 people walking through the doors over the weekend. We couldn't have done it without the help of our volunteers and sponsors.

Special thanks to:

Jaxon Verhoeven

Hailie White

Skyla Rutigliano

Kiara Hart

Sydney Kopeck

Colten Rockford

Ruthven Stewart

Jaclyn Semaniuk

Sophie Kitson

Monica Anico

Mika Kliewer

Samuel Uwa

Kai Swann

Max Backs

Aiden Kennelly

Marina McBride

Yvonne Mounsey

The Gumboot Cafe

Straight Coffee


and everyone who donated their delicious baked goods.

And thank you for all of those who donated to our Raffle which will be held online!



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