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Metta Grove - A cinematic visionary art concert

Metta Grove is a cinematic visionary art concert with roots in guided meditation, psychedelic experience, and community connections.

Simon Haiduk is a multimedia artist working with several visual art and sonic mediums with themes that emphasize nature and spiritual energy. With over fifteen years of thematic creativity, he has found a synthesis of his expressions, fusing them into a cinematic audiovisual concert.

This concert features uplifting music and animated visionary art that will transport you to another realm. You can sit back and relax into this experience that will enliven your senses, leaving you calm and clear.

Simon will also give a live presentation with insights about his creative inspiration, tools, process and integration of plant medicines. His partner, Jane Calm a somatic therapeutic counsellor, will give a presentation on everyone’s access to inherited psychic abilities.

See video trailers, get concert tickets, read reviews and more info at:

Concert open to all ages, recommended for 19+

Market vendors apply to: or visit:

Dec.16, Roberts Creek Hall

Concert: 730 pm

Local Artisan Market from 1 to 5 pm (free entry)


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