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FIVE ALARM FUNK! 20th Anniversary Tour! 2 Nights at the Hall!

The Roberts Creek Community Association is proud to bring Five Alarm Funk to the Roberts Creek Community Hall!

Five Alarm Funk is a horn-powered, percussion-fueled, sonic and visual rave. The band is known for their epic live shows featuring wild costumes, electric choreography, and tight arrangements of Gypsy-Rock, Afro-Funk, Reggae, Ska, and Punk.

On stage, Five Alarm Funk are an unstoppable orgy of energy--eight musicians deliver intricate arrangements with melodic climaxes, while the four percussionists create a true spectacle. For twenty years, the band has brought their relentless and unforgettable live show to clubs and major festivals across Canada and the United States.

Tickets - $30-40 SLIDING SCALE. All proceeds go directly to the RC Community Hall.


Thursday, March 2nd: 8pm to 11pm

Friday, March 3rd: 9pm to midnight



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