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Creek Daze Flashback!

August 2022 BOOT TALES Roberts Creek (xwasem) Daze – a Higgelty Piggelty celebration since 1978

Sunday, August 14th 2022 will be 44th anniversary of the Higgelty Piggelty Parade and Roberts Creek Daze. Thank you to this year's volunteers for keeping the Daze tradition alive.

Back in 1978 Roberts Creek Community Association decided to create an annual community celebration. Roberts Creek Daze was born. The first Daze, a 3-day event, kicked off on Friday evening with an underage, family dance at the Roberts Creek Elementary School. Saturday morning, the Higgelty Piggelty Parade got people in the mood for the Daze festivities that followed. Throughout the day there were kids' games, bingo, pony rides, a hayride, puppet show, street theatre, music, Crown and Anchor (the dice game), strolling minstrels, dunk tank, afternoon tea behind the library, toy boat races, a fish pond at the bridge, and food – shish kebob, and Greek salad. The Saturday evening "boogie" was at the Roberts Creek Hall with Blue Northern providing the music. Sunday afternoon the much anticipated softball game between the Roberts Creek Women's Championship Team and the Beachcombers (TV show) cast members was well attended. Sunday after the game folks walked to the pier for a potluck dinner and a group cleanup at the Daze site.

The LINK TO THE PHOTO ALBUMS will take you to 31 Roberts Creek Daze albums – some with only one photo or clipping, and some with hundreds of photos of locals, vendors and musicians. Generous community members have shared their own albums that I've scanned, credited and posted. To fill in some of the gaps by year I have copied and credited photos from Facebook pages, and most of the albums after 1991 are albums that I took. If you have old photos you want to share with the community let me know at

Here is a partial list of Creekers who were involved with creating the first few Roberts Creek Daze. Please email me with names of other initiators of this long running event. Thanks to these creators (in alphabetical order): Andrew Dunkerton, Annie Dempster, Chris Luster, Dennis Fitzgerald, Diana Morgan, Donna Shugar, Dorothy Borango, Doug Gibb, Herb Craig, Jack Gibb, Judy Fitzgerald, Lorene Danroth, Marianne Hall, Marlene Longman, Randie (Morgan) Ridgewell, Sharon (Craig) Danroth, Shelley Danroth, Suzanne (Dunkerton) Pemberton.

By Jan Brinton


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