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Callout from Slow Sundays!

Aloha, dear Creekers! No, we’re not in Hawaii, as a look out the window at the passing storms and short days make clear. Yet we can take comfort in knowing that in only 5 short months, we’ll be into the sixth season of Slow Sundays in the Creek! Under sunny skies and gentle breezes, we’ll be able to sit back (distanced safely of course) by our beloved Library Gazebo, surrounded (in a distanced sort of way) by friendly folk, all listening to the wonderful local musical talent on stage. Change is inevitable, and since we plan Slow Sundays being here for years and years, we’re inviting anyone who wants to assist in putting on the events to get in touch with Ed Lands or Graham Walker. We’re really looking forward to getting together again in 2021, and as you bunker down right now, imagine yourself on a beautiful summer day, enjoying Slow Sundays once again. ( to volunteer, donate, or find out more please contact Graham at:


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