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Attention Coastal contruction companies large and small!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Attention Coastal companies large and small! The Roberts Creek Community Association is in the process of applying for funding through the BC Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program for a variety of projects we intend to complete in the spring of 2021. These are:

1. Replace the Hall's exterior siding and windows with period-appropriate cedar siding and wood windows.

2. Renovate the Hall kitchen entrance/back porch (create a covered outdoor porch space with bike racks underneath).

3. Renovate the Hall's existing kitchen to commercial kitchen standards, including the addition of a gas cooktop and a commercial range hood with fire suppression

4. Renovate the Hall's bathrooms to modernize and add showers and change-rooms

5. Remove the existing Hall stage and replace it with portable stage equipment as well as storage for the chairs, tables, and stage.

6. Install new Hall stage audio, AV system, and lighting.

7. Install solar panels on the roof of the Hall.

8. Expand Hall parking behind the Hall (approx.. 120x75 area).

9. Repaint the Hall ceiling.

10. Create carved wooden signage for the front of the Hall.

11. Paint the Library exterior.

12. Construct new washroom facilities at the Library.

13. HVAC installation at the Library.

We invite all of you to submit budget proposals for the projects that interest you. We will assume that budget proposals are also an expression of interest in performing the work, once funding is secured. The deadline for proposals is October 23rd. Please be sure to state the number of workers you plan to employ. To access the Hall in order to do measurements, please contact Hall Manager Diana at 604-740-7738. For questions or submissions, please email PLEASE SHARE!


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