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A word from our Gardeners...

A WORD FROM OUR GARDENERS..... The pathways and gardens in the village of Roberts Creek have been put to bed for the winter and our volunteers have done an amazing job this year, our 9th since we began on Earth Day in 2012. We have a core group of about 10 volunteers, working just 2 hours on the last Friday of every month keeping the gardens and pathways tidy and safe. We also prune the hedges and clean the debris off the bike lanes and the Roberts Creek corner. This year was a particular challenge with prolonged drought and happily we were able to keep all of our major trees and plants healthy. We have added more drought-resistant varieties and now, with a thick application of bark mulch, we have ensured that we have our plants protected for the next few years. Most unexpected is the recovery of the ornamental cherry planted at the three-corners intersection of RC Road and Lower Road. Our arborist diagnosed a beetle attack resulting in the crown of the tree dying over 2 years. He pruned out the dead wood each year and although the tree is a bit sparse on top it looks like it will survive. Great news for us volunteers and a big thank you to Andy Schloss for his expertise caring for the village trees. Interested in volunteering? If you would like to join in on the Roberts Creek Pathways, contact volunteer coordinator Odessa Bromley @ 604-885-2923



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