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Miller Woodturning and Treenware


Contact information:  


telephone:  (604) 885-9239




We are Kaye and Roberta Miller, residents of Roberts Creek since 2000, and professional woodworkers for the past 38 years.  


We produce a wide variety of work, ranging from decorative, lathe-turned objects (often of BC woods) to purely utilitarian kitchen utensils.  


All of our pieces are characterised by careful design, excellent finish, and a high degree of tactility.  Since moving to Roberts Creek from Vancouver, 20 years ago, we have displayed and sold our work at many local fairs, including Hackett Park, the Wood Expo, the Roberts Creek Christmas fair, and the Sechelt Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market, so you are likely to have seen the variety of what we produce and the quality of our work.  


With pandemic restrictions this year, we must rely on pictures, and are here including mainly our utensils and a few other things just as a reminder of what we make.  But call, or email, to see what we have available.

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